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Penelope Bust

Price: $150

Height 15 inches
Weight 75 lbs
Estimated shipping weight 105 lbs

When her husband Ulysses failed to return from the Trojan War (he was delayed for ten years on his way home), Penelope waited faithfully for him while putting off numerous suitors. She insisted she could not remarry until she had finished weaving a shroud for Ulysses' father, but this was never done, for she unraveled by night what she wove by day. At last her strategy was discovered and the suitors were enraged. Finally, she promised to marry the man who could bend her husband's great bow and shoot an arrow through twelve axes. By this time, Ulysses himself had secretly returned, disguised as a beggar; he passed the test of the bow, and then proceeded to use it to slaughter the suitors who had tormented his wife.

Cast from Carrara marble in Borgo san Giacomo, Italy.

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